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We offer a comprehensive service to solve all aspects of a civil work.

We have the capacity and the experience to develop from the conception or engineering project to the construction and / or supervision of the works.

Our main areas of action are:
Engineering Projects, Civil Works and Electrical Assembly.

The integration of areas and specialties are consolidated and transformed into a Great solution system, versatile, effective and efficient.

Engineering Projects

• Structural projects
• Architectural projects
• Urbanization projects
• Electrical engineering projects 
• Profile and preliminary studies
• Evaluation and validation of projects 

Civil works

• Home building
• Smaller projects
• Enabling of office-free plants  
• Construction of industrial works
• Remodeling of commercial premises

Electrical Assembly

•Energy efficiency
• Low voltage mounting
• Medium voltage mounting
• Standardization and installation of installations
 Home and commercial electrical 


Some projects made for our clients


We are a group of professionals, who come together to enhance their services in favor of the satisfaction of their clients.

Michele Inserrato
General Manager
Civil Engineer Universidad de Chile.

Leonardo Frigerio Moreau
Engineering manager
Structural Civil Engineer P.U.C.

Miguel Inserrato
Commercial Manager
Bachelor of Marketing

Felipe Santana 
Central University Postgraduate in Sustainable Architecture PUC.

Esteban Palma
Electrical Engineer
University of Santiago, Chile.

Nelson Muñoz 
Electrical Engineer (SEC Class A license)
University of la Frontera.

Rodrigo Mourgues 
Mechanical Engineer
University of Santiago, Chile.

Daniel Dinamarca 
Mechanical Engineer (consultant)
University of Concepcion.

Mauro Manetti Castruccio
Architect (consultant)
University of Chile.

Hernán Salazar
Structural Engineer (consultant)
Technical University Federico Santa María.


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